Vol. 8 Issue 1 / 2020

Volume 8 Issue 1 / 2020

General Issues

Mobile ground-based robot systems or professional use
Alexander V. Lopota, Boris A. Spassky

The state and problems of standardization and unification of military ground robot systems
Sergey G. Tsarichenko, Eugeniy A. Antokhin, Plamena D. Chernova, Victor P. Dementey

Conceptual tasks of security ensuring of the «smart city», saturated with robots with artificial intelligence
Victor G. Usychenko, Leonid N. Sorokin, Raphael M. Yusupov

Information Support

Simulation of curvilinear motion of a robotized military tracked vehicle with an electromechanical transmissiont
Roman V. Romanenko, Vladislav V. Sergeev, Alexander V. Dmitruk

Cognitive intelligent control of a robotic prosthesis arm. Part 2
Sergey V. Ulyanov, Andrey G. Reshetnikov, Alexey V. Nemchaninov


Dynamics of free and controlled rigid body motions in the two-state suspension
Victor A. Leontev, Alexey S. Smirnov, Boris A. Smolnikov

Transport group control system of unmanned ground vehicles for various soils
Valeriy G. Gradetsky, Ivan l. Ermolov, Maxim M. Knyaz'kov, Boris S. Lapin, Eugeny A. Semenov, Sergey A. Sobol'nikov, Artem N. Sukhanov


Optimization of load modes of bearing assemblies at intensive heat loads
Konstantin A. Volnyakov, Vladislav M. Kopylov

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