Vol. 9 Issue 4 / 2021

Volume 9 Issue 4 / 2021

General Issues

Towards the use of robotic systems at nuclear facilities
Boris A. Spassky, Alexander V. Popov, Igor Yu. Dalyaev

Basic requirements for complexes with unmanned aerial vehicles intended for inclusion in the combat equipment of military personnel
Sergey G. Tsarichenko, Evgeniy A. Antokhin, Leonid L. Voronin, Sergey S. Zhdanov

Information Support

Improving the accuracy of the UAV following along a given trajectory under wind loads by the SPSA method
Konstantin S. Amelin, Oleg N. Granichin, Vladimir S. Malzev, Sergey F. Sergeev

Simulation of the motion dynamics of a modular unmanned underwater vehicle during reconfiguration in a liquid medium
Aleksandr A. Ivanov


The development of AUV control system with accommodation to thruster faults
Vladimir F. Filaretov, Dmitry A. Yukhimets, Aleksandr V. Zuev, Alexey N. Zhirabok

Hybrid implementation of neuromorphic system for robot control
Ivan Yu. Smolyakov, Lev A. Stankevich


Development of technical appearance of human-machine interface for group control of unmanned robots
when performing agricultural tasks
Anna I. Motienko, Irina V. Vatamaniuk, Anton I. Saveliev

Problems of appearance forming of the specialized robotic complexes
Albert A. Vorobyov, Vladislav V. Sergeev

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