Vol. 10 Issue 1 / 2022

Volume 10 Issue 1 / 2022

General Issues

Promising high-tech export-oriented and demanded by the domestic market areas of marine robotics
Andrey M. Maevsky, Vladislav Yu. Zanin, Igor V. Kozhemyakin

Scene recognition for confined spaces in mobile robotics: current state and tendencies
Svetlana R. Orlova, Alexander V. Lopota

Information Support

Key features of a swarm assemlby algorythm for autonomous unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) in absence of GNSS and stable radio communication
Andrey M. Boyko, Ruben A. Girgidov

Prospects for the creation of a product’s digital twin in the development of robotic systems
Nikolay V. Malyutin, Mikhail D. Chizhikov, Yuri E. Yeretin, Alexander S. Shalumov


Implementation of the trajectory controller based on model predictive control for unmanned ground vehicle
Alexander A. Tachkov, Alexey V. Kozov, Semion Yu. Kurochkin, Dmitriy S. Iakovlev, Nikita A. Buzlov


Method of faults identification in non-stationary systems
Alexander V. Zuev, Alexey N. Zhirabok, Vladimir F. Filaretov, Alexander A. Protsenko

The results of analysis of traction dynamics and stability of planetary rover’s motion for determination of special wheel chassis’ boundary design parameters
Artem I. Bykov, Artem V. Artemyev

Improving quality of the faults’ classification models for electromechanical systems’ diagnostics
Mikhail I. Nadezhin, Nikita S. Slobodzyan, Aleksei А. Kiselev

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