Vol. 12 Issue 2 / 2024

Volume 12 Issue 2 / 2024

General Issues

Ensuring the safe operation of large AUVs by predicting and controlling their energy resources
Lyubov A. Martynova

Methodology for assessing the likelihood of completing a given task by an unmanned aerial vehicle
Michael S. Andryushchenko, Alexander M. Golik, Sergey A. Sahnov, Sergey N. Tereshin

Towards the use of control systems with variable autonomy levels in tasks of extreme robotics
Boris A. Spassky, Alexander V. Popov

Information Support

Automation of the marked-up data sets formation for machine learning based on simulation modeling
Andrei A. Smirnov, Аlexander M. Kudriavtsev

Estimation of the observation range for an underwater gated lidar
Valeriy L. Alekseev, Dmitry A. Goryachkin, Viktor I. Kuprenyuk


Study of control allocation algorithm for over-actuated underwater robot motion control using azimuth thrusters
Stanislav A. Solnyshkin

Theoretical estimation of the required power of the robot-android drives when walking at different speeds
Alexander S. Gorobtsov, Sergey K. Kartsov, Yuriy A. Polyakov, Anton V. Dianskiy


Development of the manipulator hinge based on the original planetary differential gearbox
Andrei N. Timofeev, Aleksandr E. Tarasov, Yurii A. Novoselov

Design and modeling of the case of unmanned aerial vehicle, in the technical facility control system
Arutyun A. Khachaturyan, Svetlana V. Ponomareva, Aleksandr A. Zhigit, Dmitrii N. Kamenskich

Hardware and software complex for robotic bioprinting on patients
Alexander A. Levin