Vol. 12 Issue 1 / 2024

Volume 12 Issue 1 / 2024

General Issues

Robotics in the development of general creative abilities of younger schoolchildren
Olga A. Granichina, Sergey F. Sergeev, Konstantin S. Аmelin, Angelina N. Granichina

Application of a group of ground-based robotic means as a modular means of evacuation of equipment
Albert A. Vorobyov, Vladislav V. Sergeyev, Askar K. Smailov

Information Support

Ground-based response robotics for the safe operation of TV journalists in emergency zone
Victor P. Andreev

Optimization of group control of robots in Arctic conditions
Peter K. Shubin, Marina V. Kuleshova


End-to-end deep reinforcement learning for control of an autonomous underwater robot with an undulating propulsor
Aws Ahmad, Arkadij S. Yuschenko, Vladimir I. Soloviev


Development of control algorithm for autonomous intelligent robotic complex (AIRTC)
Igor A. Kozulin, Andrey N. Chernyavskiy, Alexander D. Nazarov

Design and construction of the army unmanned aerial vehicle with a new generation launch system «RPSKD-2»
Arutyun A. Khachaturyan, Svetlana V. Ponomareva, Dmitrii N. Kamenskich

Adaptive suspension of the in-line diagnostic robot
Vladislav A. Volkov

Features of the design and control of an underwater biomorphic robot of the tunniform type
Iliya V. Mitin, Sergey A. Lobov, Nikolay A. Tschur, Alexander V. Popov, Victor B. Kazantsev