Vol. 11 Issue 2 / 2023

Volume 11 Issue 2 / 2023

General Issues

Mechatronic linear movement device for constructing surfaces of complex shapes with the possibility of force measurement
Egor S. Belitsky, Mikhail A. Solovyev, Vladislav M. Kovalsky, Andrei A. Vorotnikov, Anton Yu. Kordonsky, Andrey A. Grin, Yury V. Poduraev

Review of robotics competition. Water robotics
Roman V. Meshcheryakov, Boris V. Ilyukhin

Information Support

Distribution of tasks in a clustered field of goals for homogeneous and heterogeneous UAV groups
Vyacheslav I. Petrenko, Fariza B. Tebueva, Vladimir O. Antonov, Artur V. Sakolchik

Application of supervisor synthesis methods in designing a discrete-event group control system for mobile robots
Alexey V. Kozov, Maria V. Melnikova


The method of manipulability control of a robot
Olga M. Kapustina, Alexander I. Kobrin, Kirill A. Kompaneets

The system of coordinated operation of two underwater vehicles in a complex environment
Vladimir F. Filaretov, Alexey A. Katsurin

Cognitive intellignet control. Pt. 2: Quantum fuzzy inference algorithm in intelligent cognitive robotics
Sergey V. Ulyanov, Daria P. Zrelova, Andrey V. Shevchenko, Alla A. Shevchenko


Application of modern technical systems for automation of radioactive waste sorting process 
Igor Yu. Dalyaev, Alexander A. Truts, Andrey N. Belozub, Alexander A. Zherebtcov

Robotics applied in the module for fabrication and refabrication of dense mixed uranium-plutonium fuel of the pilot demonstration energy complex of «SCP» JSC. Decommissioning of nuclear and radiation hazardous facilities as a driver of Russia’s and world robotics markets
Vasiliy V. Tinin, Dmitry V. Zozulya, Evgeniy V. Lachkanov, Andrey S. Dakxno