Vol. 9 Issue 3 / 2021

Volume 9 Issue 3 / 2021

General Issues

Prospects for creation and development of robotic systems in the interests of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia
Dmitry V. Diachenko, Evgeny V. Besedin, Svetlana V. Antufieva, Maksim A. Rozhentcov

Suggestions for the order of military exoskeletons classification
Evgeniy A. Antokhin, Elena V. Pis’mennaya, Alexander N. Schukin, Leonid L. Voronin

Problems of robotic systems testing for moving on space objects
Pavel P. Anan’ev, Anna P. Plotnikova, Alexandr S. Timofeev, Roman V. Mesсheryakov, Konstantin O. Belyakov

Information Support

Features of a real-time s-shaped acceleration/deceleration curve constructing with piecewise linear interpolation of complex-shaped surfaces
Alexander A. Zelensky, Tagir Kh. Abdullin, Andrei V. Alepko

Structure and circuit solution of a wireless power transfer system for application in mobile robotic systems
Konstantin D. Krestovnikov, Аleksandr N. Bykov, Aleksei A. Erashov


Method for hierarchical management of an intelligent transport system when controlling the movement of a convoy
Igor V. Grechushkin, Igor O. Prutchikov, Alexandr V. Repin

Mapping of linear road features with the inverse visual detector observation model
Oleg S. Shipit’ko, Anatoly E. Kabakov


Virtual prototyping of the lunar module landing system to improve cosmonauts’ spatial and situational awareness
Mikhail V. Mikhaylyuk, Boris I. Kryuchkov, Vitaly M. Usov

Features of slopes overcoming by walking devices
Vadim V. Chernyshev, Vladimir V. Arykantsev, Irina P. Vershinina, Anton A. Goncharov, Nikolay G. Sharonov

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