Robotics system interfaces – development trajectories

Robotics system interfaces – development trajectories

Andrey A. Kurnosov
PhD in Technical Sciences, JSC United Shipbuilding Corporation, JSC «Saint-Petersburg Marin Design Bureau «Malachite», Deputy Chief Designer for Specialization Area, 18, Frunze ul., Saint-Petersburg,196135, Russia, tel.: +7(812)242-15-38, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Received 16 September 2020

The features of the creation of robotics system interfaces that provide effective interaction with external complex systems are considered. The features of complex systems, factors leading to the risky interaction of structures and processes are given. The main effects arising from information interaction of complex systems are listed. A scheme for monitoring the underwater information situation is given. The system interfaces of robotics are enumerated; the problems associated with their creation are given. An approach to the standardization of technical solutions for interfaces and the organization of system interfaces development is presented. A strategy is proposed that combines the advantages of the autonomous and systemic approaches. It is proposed to consider a horizontal network with self-organization and open access as a reasonable organizational development scheme. The need to concentrate efforts on the issues of compatibility, intelligence and physical simulation is noted. An option of experimental development of technical solutions using a modernized model of the underwater hangar developed by JSC SPMDB Malakhit is proposed.

Key words
Complex systems, non-ergodicity, compatibility, interaction, physical simulation, intelligence, standards, horizontal network self-organizing structures.


Bibliographic description
Kurnosov, A., 2020. Robotics system interfaces – development trajectories. Robotics and Technical Cybernetics, 8(4), pp.259-265.

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