R.A. Prakapovich
PhD in Technical Sciences, United Institute of Informatics Problems National Academy of Science of Belarus, Leading Researcher, 6, Surganova ul., Minsk, 220012, Belarus, tel.: +375(017)284-20-80, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

In the paper existing types of mobile spherical robots and design of the devices for their locomotion are reviewed. Based on analysis of reviewed devices' advantages and disadvantages a novel approach to the spherical robot locomotion, which involves whole robot's mass center shifting relatively to the geometric center of its sherical shell by ordered motion of parallel manipulator, is suggested. Parallel manipulator consists of radially located links, which are attached to the shell's inside surface and to the actuating device by joints. In the actuating device all the mobile robot's essential functions are placed: starting with supply units and recharges and to the control system. The advantage of suggested robot is that in consequence of omnidirectional end-effector movement inside the hollow spherical shell, the superior precision, mobility and maneuverability are achieved, and robot is able to reverse quickly with zero-turn.

Key words
Mobile spherical robot, mass center shifting, parallel manipulator, kinematic scheme, zero-turn.

Year 2015 Issue number 2 Consecutive issue number 7 Pages 39-44
UDC identifier: 531.1


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