B.A. Smolnikov
PhD in Physics and Mathematics, Peter the Great Saint-Petersburg Polytechnical University (SPbPU), Professor, Senior Research Scientist, 29, Politekhnicheskaya ul., Saint-Petersburg, 195251, Russia, tel.: +7(812)552-77-78, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Bionic applicability of locomotion principles of statics, kinematics and dynamics for challenges of modern robotics and nonlinear dynamics is discussed. Particularly when developing manipulator gripping devices it is resonable to invoke those principles of process optimization of station keeping of object in grip, which is specific to feet of birds and reptiles. Biodynamic running locomotion principles of humans and large carnivores, in which interrelation of oscillation linear mode of limbs during calm walk and nonlinear mode in passing to running or jumping comes into focus, are even more essential for robotics and nonlinear machine dynamics, It is known in modern technology that such switches are often accompanied with quality and efficiency loss, but as for high speed animals the same characteristics (quality and efficiency) only improve. It is clear that in such cases animals use biogenic control, which is closely related to usage of controllable resonant modes. In the article for the purpose of smooth transition from linear acceleration mode to nonlinear it is suggested to use collinear control, enabling keeping of kinematic motion mode regardless of resonating frequency changes. For clear illustration of such process the results of computation of two-section pendulum forced oscillations imitating leg of animal or human, are provided. From obtained diagrams it becomes clear that both mode and monofrequency of oscillations of such pendulum are kept even deeply in nonlinear area, where sections' amplitudes reach value of several dozens of degrees. It enables considering collinear control as biomorphic and using it when developing control systems for running of androids and animaloids.

Key words
Android, animaloid, collinear control, biogenic control, biomorphic control, biodynamics, grip, bionics, nonlinear resonance.

Year 2017 Issue number 1 Consecutive issue number 14 Pages 61-68
UDC identifier: 612.76:007.52


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