Vol. 7 Issue 3 / 2019

 Cover v7 iss3 2019

Volume 7 Issue 3 / 2019

General Issues

The concept of a new generation virtual poligon based on multiagent technologies for verifying the software of the robotic complexes with a high degree of autonomy
Sergey G. Tsarichenko, Evgeny V. Postnikov, Mikhail G. Panteleev

Organizational and technical safety measures during testing of medium and light military ground-based robotic complexes
Eugeniy A. Antokhin, Oleg I. Petrashko, Plamena D. Chernova, Valentin A. Panichev

Review of the state of the world market of drons and their application for agriculture
Anna V. Shevchenko, Andrey N. Migachev

Information Support

Three-channel intelligent neoplasm classification system for the diagnosis of lung cancer
Lev V. Utkin, Anna A. Meldo, Viktor S. Kryshtapovich, Viktor A. Tiulpin, Ernest M. Kasimov, Maxim S. Kovalev


Control of mobile robot group using collaborative drone

Stanislav L. Zenkevich, 

Anaid V. Nazarova, Jianwen Huo

On the detachment from the ground of the walking locomotor's foot of the mobile underwater robot
Evgeniy S. Briskin, Liliya D. Smirnaya


Intelligent pattern recognition system of mobile robot based on stereovision
Sergey V. Ulyanov, Andrey G. Reshetnikov, Kirill V. Koshelev

Innovative forearm prosthesis with simultaneous control of three functions of artificial hand
Gennady N. Burov, Vladimir A. Bolshakov, Oleg L. Belyanin, Alyona S. Drobakha

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