A.P. Aliseichik

I.A. Orlov

V.E. Pavlovsky


This paper deals with six-wheeled wheel-walking robot with pneumatic drives, which is designed to travel across rough terrain with obstacles. This robot has pneumatic actuators to lift legs and rotate mecanum-wheels. Control of both the cylinder rods and the rotation pneumatic actuator is provided by pulse-width modulation of the pneumovalves. Application of pneumotic motors instead of electrical ones or any other provides decrease of robot weight and lowers energy consumption. Due to specific location of whole electronics, the robot is less exposed to bottom damages and can even overcome some of the water obstacles. Containers with compressed air can be removed with external air compressors when used indoors or in any other restricted space in order not to change them.

Key words
Robot, pneumatics, control, prototype, container.

Year 2013 Issue number 1 Consecutive issue number 1 Pages 14-18
UDC identifier: 007.52:62-522



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